By Barbara Howard

  • Self-loathing
  • Angry old woman
  • Uncle Tom
  • Aunt Jemima
  • Middle Class Negro
  • House Nigger
  • Handkerchief-head wearing Nigger
  • White man’s lackey dog
  • Traitor
  • Bourgeois
  • Oreo
  • Damn Republican

Why do you call me names?

  • Just because I think there is another way?
  • Just because I don’t hate all white folk? All Cubans?
  • Just because I don’t think there is a global conspiracy to destroy all black folk? Especially all black men?
  • Just because I don’t want to scream racism every time something bad happens to black folk?
  • Just because I won’t march every time a Black criminal gets hurt by the cops; usually as he’s in the act of committing a crime? Usually against other Black folk?
  • Just because I don’t bow down in admiration for the Misery Money-Makers?
  • Just because I don’t see black folk as perpetual victims
  • Just because I don’t think we need “leaders” to tell us how bad off we are
  • Just because I think we have already “overcome”
  • Just because I have a different political philosophy
  • Just because I belong to a different political party
  • You call me names.

You can’t show me facts to back up your claims that white folk are afraid of us because of

  • Our spirit
  • Our sexuality
  • Our intelligence
  • Our whatever

So you have to call me names

You can’t believe that I want to achieve the same results of

  • Equal opportunity
  • Equal pay
  • Equal respect
  • Equal whatever

So you have to call me names

You can’t see that I have a different strategy of

  • Building bridges
  • Taking responsibility
  • Giving the same respect as I want in return
  • Seeking the American dream
  • Whatever

So you have to call me names

But I thought we were FREE

  • FREE – To think whatever we wanted to think
  • FREE – To speak out and say whatever we wanted to say
  • FREE – To vote for whatever person or party we wanted to vote for
  • FREE – To join whatever religion and serve whatever God we wanted to serve
  • FREE – To do whatever

But you still have to call me names


Where you have to have “leaders” tell you what you should think and what you should do.

Where you have to hold on to the same old thinking and are afraid of any strategies that are new

Where you feel you have to hate all white folk in order to pay back those who, you think, have hated you.

Where you have to be afraid of not being accepted as being Black enough and not being true blue.

Where you will accept anything a Democrat or a Black “leader” will say or do.

Even though the results will make them rich and eventually will only hurt you.

So if that is true

I say to you

That if all you have to do

To have the leaders and masses truly accept you

That you just have to call me names

Then why don’t you just call me