MasonWeaverby Mason Weaver

So, 25 crazy white people can cause 114 black people to get arrested and thousands of dollars of self destruction just by showing up to march? What is wrong with this picture? Does anyone think this was not the original plan. They never intended to march, it was cancelled hours before the start time. They wanted to stir up emotions with enough time to get their beers and be home before the game. Then you have the willing accomplinces of the black street gangs looking for a reason to be violent, and the results are predictable. At first I though it may be a conspiracy between the white gang and the black gang, but that would take some cooperation and collaboration.

However, I thought that could not be the case. A white racist gang working with black gangs is too far fetched. Until I remembered an interview I conducted a few years ago. I was a talk show host in San Diego on KOGO 600 AM and I interviewed white supremist Tom Metzer. Metzer was the founder of the White Ayran Resistance (WAR) and was a past Grand Dragon (or something grand) of the KKK.

I asked him “Have you ever given money to The Nation of Islam?” Why would I ask a white racist a question like that? Because I already had the answer. Tom Metzer looked at me and said, “Yes, I have supported the Nation of Islam financially”

Why would they work together? What could they have in common? They both grow in a climate of distrust and racial pride. They both believe peace will not come until they have their own land. It seems they are working for the same goals, why would they not work together? So, taking another look at the “Riots” in Toledo I have to wonder. Why was the march scheduled for the same weekend as The Nation of Islam’s “Million More March” in Washington D.C.?