by Tricia Erickson

Lt. Gov. Michael Steele (R-Md) is called a “Simple Sambo” While Senator Barack Obama (D-Ill) Raises Money for Former member of the KKK.

Even though Senator Robert Byrd, a former member and leader of the KKK referred to black Americans as “race mongrels, a throwback to the darkest specimen of the wild,” Barack Obama, a black Democrat senator from Illinois, raised over $800,0000 for him. Micheal Steele, a black Republican Senatorial candidate from Maryland is called a “Simple Sambo” for not criticizing a fund raiser at an all white country club. His photo was drawn in black face on a blog that declared him to be a sellout and a “traitor to his race.”

These are some of the issues and contradictions that are discussed and featured in the new movie, Emancipation, Revelation/Revolution. Conservative black leaders such as Shelby Steele, Deroy Murdock, Star Parker and Roy Innis all discuss the hypocrisy of the liberal left as it deals with race issues. “We are not sure if Condi Rice is black, but the drug dealer on the corner, is black,” declares Shelby Steele as he refers to the accusation of “acting white” that is used against conservative blacks who choose to be Republican.

Micheal Steele being called a “Simple Sambo” is nothing new to the conservative black leaders in the film who all mention the names they are called and the death threats they receive just for supporting the Republican party and not the Democrats. Rev. O’Neal Dozier explains, that “When you leave the liberal plantation, the Democrat man hates you, and all the blacks who are on the plantation hate you and they call you an Uncle Tom. They say, ‘you Uncle Tom nigger you, that’s all you are.’”

Star Parker, Jesse Peterson, and even Alveda King, niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, relate the abuse they receive from Democrats when they leave the party and embrace conservative ideas.

They are all speaking up and letting their voices be heard in a documentary that explores the history of both political parties and their role in the civil rights struggle. It is discovered that the Republican party was founded to abolish slavery and they introduced every civil rights Amendment or bill ever introduced in the country. . . . bills that were historically opposed by the Democrats. It unravels the mystery as to why most blacks today blindly support the party that historically opposed civil rights for them, and what happens when they leave that “liberal plantation,” as it is referred to on several occasions in the film.

More information on the film is available on and the interviewees in the film are available for comment and interviews. The film was recently featured in the Liberty Film Festival in Hollywood, California, and was introduced by homeless activist Ted Hayes, and radio talk show host and author, Larry Elder.

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