According to Ray Nagin and Hillary Clinton

Martin Luther King’s birthday was set aside as a national holiday to remind all Americans that our Constitution guarantees equality to every person, regardless of race, religion or political persuasion. It wasn’t designed to be a day to give racist speeches like the one Mayor Nagin of New Orleans gave, or the comparison Hillary Clinton made between the US Congress and a plantation. But heh, it is a free country after all . .. people are free to make fools of themselves . . . even on a holiday.

So . . . .God wants New Orleans to be a chocolate city, an African American city, according to Ray. He also thinks God caused the hurricanes to punish America. Heh Ray, the Hurricane hit your state, not mine . . . isn’t Virginia a part of America? Maybe he was punishing New Orleans for electing you as their Mayor. No, that can’t be it because Mississippi was hurt and Florida has been slammed for years. And what was with the Iraq statement? I wonder what national disasters we survived when Clinton was sending troops into Bosnia, dropping bombs on the Chinese embassy in Serbia, on aspirin factories in the Sudan and on camels in Afghanistan and Iraq. Ohhhhh, maybe that is why New Orleans is being punished .. . .Clinton was the first one to drop bombs on Iraq. Gee Ray, you might be right. So, we need to blame Bill for your hurricane. Whew, that is settled.

But Ray, something very interesting happened when you failed to warn and evacuate your people from your city, and left them to languish on an island of filth while you holed up in a hotel screaming obscenities and accusations at anyone within hearing distance. What happened was, the cover was pulled off the welfare lie that has served to oppress, exploit, demean and reduce individuals to little more than products and pawns of the state.

To borrow Hillary Clinton’s word, but with the literary license to use it in a more accurate way, the “plantation” was flooded and the slaves to the politically disastrous welfare state were spread to the four winds to be taken in by other states and given a new glimpse of reality beyond dependency and victimization. And now, you want them back because they are your political base, and without a “chocolate” city, you wouldn’t have a chance at reelection.

But you are treading on very dangerous territory when you give an open invitation to blacks to repopulate New Orleans because your clear assumption is that the slaves to your political persuasion would repopulate, refill the government coffers with billions of welfare dollars, and things would go on as before with two classes of people living side by side . . . the powerful elite, such as yourself, next to those who have been taught, from birth to be totally and completely dependent upon the state. But your assumption is faulty because you don’t even know your own people. You think all “chocolate” skinned people are exactly alike . . . like a box of bon bons, and are satisfied living on a welfare plantation, discarded, abandoned, ignored and intimidated, until their vote is needed to keep the elites in power and the plantation in business.

But what would you do if a different type of black decided to move there, like Jesse Peterson, Star Parker, Condi Rice, Colin Powell, Clarence Thomas, Shelby Steele, Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell, Mason Weaver, Armstrong Williams, Deroy Murdock, Roy and Niger Innis, Ken Blackwell, Keith Butler, Lynn Swann, Michael Steele, Alveda King, Robert Woodson, Gloria Jackson, O’Neal Dozier, Bishop Harry Jackson . . . gee, I could go on for volumes, but I think you get the point. And even though she might agree with you politically, do you think for one minute that Oprah Winfrey would be silent in the face of your ineptitude if she moved to New Orleans?

Blacks are no more monolithic than whites and to insinuate it is an insult to an entire race of people. You insult every single INDIVIDUAL black when you assume that they are all the same and would blindly support your brand of politics. But you are virtually powerless unless you can populate your plantation again, and close the gates so your base is secure and your dynasty protected.

Now, speaking of plantations, it is ironic that Hillary Clinton, who is the virtual overseer of the Democrat plantation, would use that word to describe congress. The liberal mindset is to assume that everyone in any class is no longer an individual but merely a number, a pawn for the pleasure of those in power. She sees congress as a plantation because she sees it as a base of power, a body that can be controlled by one or two people, or a specific philosophy, say, hmmmm socialism?

She has insulted every single Democrat who serves as an elected official in congress because she has told the world they can’t think for themselves, they don’t have the intelligence to understand the rules of law, and the people who elected the Republicans to office are the plantation owners. These guys didn’t just wake up one day, walk to Capitol Hill and say Heh, I am a Republican, I should be in the majority here, move over. It is called the democratic process Hillary, there are no slave holders, or plantations any more . . . . per se, except for the one that Ray Nagin is trying to reopen in his God-ordained, chocolate city of New Orleans. See Hillary . . . that is actually a better example of that term than the one you gave.

I wonder what Martin Luther King would say about such rhetoric being thrown around on his birthday, when by this time, I am sure he was hoping the issue of race would have been long dismissed. But as long as a power base sees it as their ticket to control everyone and everything . . . racism and the huge industry it has become, will be alive an well. I don’t think that was part of Dr. King’s dream.