Ex-Liberal in Hollywood

Liberty Film Festival: My Top Picks


If you can imagine spending a whole weekend watching great movies with hundreds of your dearest friends, you’ll get an idea of what the Liberty Film Festival is all about. When I attended their first event last year I was so relieved to meet other ex-liberals that I cleared my calendar for every upcoming festival for years to come.

This year I joined Jason Apuzzo, Govindini Murty and their crew as the festival’s security chief and videographer. As someone who spent more than half of my life defending other peoples’ rights (while risking my own), it’s wonderful to be surrounded by people who aren’t offended by coherence, rational thought, patriotism, or other conservative values.

Although this year’s Festival has ended, you can review many of this year’s top contenders at Liberty’s web site. My favorites:

  • Broken Promises: The United Nations at 60 (65 min. 2005) provides a disturbing look at how UN incompetence and collaboration facilitates genocide, rape, and corruption throughout the world. Unless you’re a third-world dictator or French diplomat, you’ll wonder why the US hasn’t yet expelled the lot as persona non grata. Directed by Kevin Knoblock, produced by David N. Bossie and Ron Silver.
  • Emancipation, Revelation, Revolution (92 min. 2005) explains how the Democratic Party conspired against freed slaves by creating and using the KKK to legislate and enforce segregation, racism, and murder from 1865 through 1964 – and how they use Judas horses like Sharpton, Jackson, and Farrakhan to enslave blacks today. This indictment is long overdue. See a trailer of the film here. Directed by Nina May, produced by Nina May and Tricia Erickson.
  • Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West (70 min. 2005) You don’t need Islam’s detractors to explain the threat we face – listen to the clerics and their followers and decide for yourself. Particularly disgusting is a segment where Jews are portrayed killing children for blood to make their matzo tastier during the holy season. That Al Jazeera would play these depictions to millions of Muslims throughout the Middle East at the height of Ramadan is reminiscent of Hitler’s fascism and propaganda – a connection which this movie also documents. Directed by Wayne Kopping and produced by Peter Mier and Raphael Shore. Read also Michelle Malkin’s review.
  • KC Wayland’s 365 Boots on the Ground (58 min) offers America a close up view of life from inside Iraq’s Green Zone. Although Kc’s not a grunt (infantry), he delivers in less than an hour what the mainstream media hasn’t described in several years. Direct and poignant, Kc reminds us what today’s patriots are made of. Parental Advisory: some profanity. Directed by Kc Wayland, Produced by Kc Wayland and Tucker Tillman.

Evan Maloney and On the Fence Films returned with three films this year:

  • Dead Meat (25 min) examines Canada’s socialized health care system. Canadians seem happy with the services, unless they become ill with something that can’t wait several years to fix. Dead Meat also highlights the advantages of Canada’s privatized health care for pets. While pet owners may wait months for an MRI, their pets can get one within a few hours. This is an excellent primer on the failures of socialized medicine.
  • Brainwashing 201 (30 min) takes viewers to college campuses across the US where Evan Maloney exposes academic and anti-American bias, blatant propaganda, and turns campus administrators into sputtering goofballs. As funny as it is, this romp isn’t as humorous to parents (like me) whose kids are still in college.
  • Stop Bitching, Start a Revolution (7 min) offers a humorous glimpse at liberal protesters.

Although it will take me several days to digest the content of these and other films, I got the sense that the media and Democratic Party are still driven by the same values that spawned the Ku Klux Klan and Jim Crow.

And while Emancipation, Revelation, Revolution provided the historical context, Evan Maloney showed that our children are indoctrinated by Democratic Party propaganda just as Arab children are taught to hate Jews and America. This is also done for the same reason – to control their populations. And while Democrats embrace slave-handlers like Spike Lee, Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton to control blacks and intimidate liberals, I can only hope that these films will reach Americans throughout the country.

This weekend also helped me understand why liberal politicians create policies that result in police brutality – and why the media remains silent while slave-handlers lead protests against the police. But that’s another story.

After rousing speeches by Ted Hayes and Larry Elder, Mason Weaver remarked that slaves have always been as hostile as slave owners are toward freed slaves – just as the slave-handlers of the Democratic Party are today.

It takes courage to abandon the Democratic Party’s history of lynching, cross-burning, and terrorism: but as Shelby Steele remarked, more blacks are saying I’ll pay the price: Call me an Uncle Tom, but I’m going to make my own life – I’m going to live as an individual.

The weekend showed that while Americans still have much to do, there is as much to be hopeful for.