Inside the Beltway, The Washington Times

October 3, 2005 – By John McCaslin

Add documentary filmmaker to the resume of McLean resident Nina May among other titles of founder and chairman of the Renaissance Foundation, which brings together political and business leaders of different countries and cultural backgrounds.

“Our film — ‘Emancipation, Revelation, Revolution’ — has been selected to be in the 2005 Liberty Film Festival in Hollywood, California, from October 21 to 23,” she tells Inside the Beltway.

“It is a documentary that looks at the history of the civil rights movement in America, the roles both major political parties played in that history, why blacks today are trapped on the liberal plantation, and what happens to conservative blacks when they choose to leave.”

Among the other feature films selected for the festival: “Broken Promises: The United Nations at 60,” “Cochise County, USA: Cries From the Border,” “Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West,” “Fellowship 9/11,” “Grace Before Meals,” and a selection of Kurdish/Iraqi shorts from the First Short Film Festival in Iraq.