Saturday afternoon saw the World Premiere of “Emancipation, Revelation, Revolution,” directed by Nina May. What should be required viewing in every high school history class, not to mention black churches around the country, white churches…heck, everyone needs to see this film! In an age where few Americans are even aware of the roots of their own nation, Nina May’s film provides shocking and little known facts about the role the Republican Party played in the abolition of slavery and the Civil Rights movement.

”Emancipation” unveils the truth that the Republican Party was actually birthed out of the minds of congressmen who shared a common cause: a hatred for slavery and the desire to eliminate pro-slavery legislation from the House and Senate. In fact, most black families in America voted Republican after the Civil War and up through the 50s, and the early congress in the United States was composed of a sizable number of black lawmakers. One of the most shocking points May’s film makes is that once the Democratic party, responsible for the creation of the KKK, regained control of the House and Senate in 1892, it repealed civil rights laws that were similar, if not identical, to laws enacted during the Civil Rights movement, over 70 years later. This year, the LFF was also host to several shorts that played at the First Iraqi Film Festival. Since the removal of Saddam, the people of Iraq finally have the freedom to express themselves through film, and their films included stories about Iraqi culture and history of their nation.