A movie that looks at the battle over civil rights and the role that both political parties have played in it.  The battle has always been about freedom and still is.

What happens to black Americans who choose to leave the liberal plantation on the underground railroad of self-determination and true empowerment? They are no longer judged by the color of their skin… but by the content of their character… And the judgement is harsh.

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Watch  “Do These Black Lives Matter?” (20 min.)

ERR sequel “Reparations: Who Should Pay?” (24 min.)

About Emancipation Revelation Revolution

This is an award-winning documentary about the history of the civil rights movement in America, the role that both major political parties have played in it, and the voting habits of Blacks in America today.

As the nation is now divided — not along racial lines — but along issues of morality and values, racial discrimination has been replaced by philosophical discrimination.

Many conservative blacks are now choosing to leave the liberal plantation and follow their own destinies. But What happens to them when they leave?

Why aren’t Americans taught about the rich history of blacks in America, beyond the misperception of victimization?

Martin Luther King’s dream has been realized — but not the way he imagined. Blacks in America are being judged by the content of their character, not the color of their skin, but the judgment is harsh if they embrace conservative philosophies.

What People are Saying

“Without question I believe ERR to be one of the most quintessential documentaries of factual historical relevance produced in my life time. “In a day and time when the overwhelming majority of Americans are blissfully ignorant of the factual history of Black involvement in our two party system; ERR reveals clearly and specifically that which the whitewashing of history has denied so many. “It encourages dialogue and retrospection on a level heretofore not seen. ERR should not only be mandatory viewing, but it deserves a place in every home in America.”

– Mychal Massie

“Your film is AWESOME; divinely inspired and destined to change America. WOW! Thank you for making it. It had to be a tremendous amount of work. Only God could give you the grace and passion to see it through to completion. I feel honored to know you. I’ve informed 2 radio talk show hosts friends about you and your film. I’ll do whatever I can to promote it.”

God Bless, Lloyd Marcus